GLC lib is a C++ library for high performance 3D application based on OpenGL and Qt4 or Qt5.
GLC Lib is designed to render very complex 3D scene ( 100 000 parts, 40 000 000 triangles).
GLC Lib is available for Mac OS 10.6 .. 10.8, Windows And Linux.

GLC Lib is available under the LGPL open source license.

Third party libraries and Thanks:

3ds files are loaded thanks to lib3ds 1.3.
Dassault Systemes 3DXML Files are uncompressed by the QuaZIP and zlib libraries which are included.
Thanks to Laurent Bauer for his ideas and contributions.
Finally, thanks to EADS ASTRIUM.

See also

To see how powerful GLC Lib is, try GLC_Player.

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