Downloading & Installing GLC Lib

1. Installing GLC Lib

1.1. Linux

The recommended way of installing GLC Lib on Linux is to use your distribution's packages. If GLC Lib is not packaged for your distribution you should file a request, or compile it from sources

1.2. Windows

There is no more installers for windows, it is too heavy too maintain. However, if someone would like to contribute to the project and maintain them, they are more than welcome !

Version 2.5.0 src
Old version 2.2.0 All in One (.exe installer) 32 bits.

2. Compiling from sources

You can obtain GLC Lib's source code by:

2.1. Linux, MacOS

cd [path]/glc_lib-[version]
qmake -recursive
make -j 4
sudo make install

2.2. Windows

Qt5 Angle is not supported, Qt5 must use OpenGL
Open a Windows Qt4.8 or Qt5.0 command prompt.

qmake -recursive
nmake // jom // mingw32-make

For MinGW, ensure that the compiler can be found in the path.
To install GLC_lib into : C:\GLC-lib-[version]