GLC_lib is open source, real time graphic library on top of OpenGL for Qt 4 or 5 applications.


GLC_lib is published under the Less GNU Public license (LGPL) that permits usage in commercial application with dynamic linking.


GLC_lib is written in C++, taking advantage of the Qt 4 or 5 frameworks. The software use scene graph approach with the concept of references, instances and occurrences.

Key features :

  • Built in 3D view manipulator (Track Ball, rotate table, Fly).
  • Designed to add user 3D view manipulator.
  • Provided 3D primitive (Point, Circle, Line, Polyline, Mesh, Extruded Mesh, Box, Cylinder, Rectangle, Disc).
  • Designed to add user 3D primitive.
  • Loaded 3D format :
    • Collada V1.4
    • 3DXML ASCII V3 and V4
    • OBJ
    • 3DS
    • STL (ASCII and binary)
    • OFF and COFF
  • Exported 3D format :
    • 3DXML ASCII V4
    • 3DS
  • Material texturing with image file format supported by Qt4.
  • Basic Shader support (GLSL).
  • Scene Graph with the support of Reference, Instance and Occurrence.
  • Non Convex polygon partitioning.
  • Static Level of detail support.
  • Pixel culling support.
  • Frustum culling support
  • Possibility to cache 3DXML in binary to speed up loading time.
  • Built in 3DWidget
  • Built in Plane sectioning with easy and powerfull manipulation tools.