GLC_Plane Member List

This is the complete list of members for GLC_Plane, including all inherited members.
coefA() const GLC_Plane [inline]
coefB() const GLC_Plane [inline]
coefC() const GLC_Plane [inline]
coefD() const GLC_Plane [inline]
data() const GLC_Plane [inline]
distanceToPoint(const GLC_Point3d &p) const GLC_Plane [inline]
GLC_Plane(double A, double B, double C, double D)GLC_Plane
GLC_Plane(const GLC_Vector3d &normal, double minimumDistance)GLC_Plane
GLC_Plane(const GLC_Vector3d &normal, const GLC_Point3d &point)GLC_Plane
GLC_Plane(const GLC_Point3d &, const GLC_Point3d &, const GLC_Point3d &)GLC_Plane
GLC_Plane(const GLC_Plane &)GLC_Plane
lieOnThisPlane(const GLC_Point3d &p)GLC_Plane [inline]
m_EqGLC_Plane [private]
normal() const GLC_Plane [inline]
operator!=(const GLC_Plane &p) const GLC_Plane [inline]
operator=(const GLC_Plane &)GLC_Plane
operator==(GLC_Plane) const GLC_Plane
setA(double a)GLC_Plane [inline]
setB(double b)GLC_Plane [inline]
setC(double c)GLC_Plane [inline]
setD(double d)GLC_Plane [inline]
setPlane(const GLC_Vector3d &normal, const GLC_Point3d &point)GLC_Plane
toString() const GLC_Plane
~GLC_Plane()GLC_Plane Logo

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