GLC_Rep Member List

This is the complete list of members for GLC_Rep, including all inherited members.
clear()GLC_Rep [private]
clone() const =0GLC_Rep [pure virtual]
deepCopy() const =0GLC_Rep [pure virtual]
fileName() const GLC_Rep [inline]
GLC_Rep(const GLC_Rep &)GLC_Rep
GLC_VBOGEOM enum valueGLC_Rep
isEmpty() const =0GLC_Rep [pure virtual]
isLoaded() const GLC_Rep [inline]
isTheLast() const GLC_Rep [inline]
lastModified() const GLC_Rep [inline]
load()=0GLC_Rep [pure virtual]
m_pDateTimeGLC_Rep [private]
m_pFileNameGLC_Rep [private]
m_pIsLoadedGLC_Rep [protected]
m_pNameGLC_Rep [private]
m_pNumberOfRepresentationGLC_Rep [private]
name() const GLC_Rep [inline]
operator=(const GLC_Rep &)GLC_Rep [virtual]
operator==(const GLC_Rep &rep)GLC_Rep [inline]
replace(GLC_Rep *)=0GLC_Rep [pure virtual]
setFileName(const QString &fileName)GLC_Rep [inline]
setLastModified(const QDateTime &dateTime)GLC_Rep [inline]
setName(const QString &name)GLC_Rep [inline]
type() const =0GLC_Rep [pure virtual]
Type enum nameGLC_Rep
unload()=0GLC_Rep [pure virtual]
~GLC_Rep()GLC_Rep [virtual] Logo

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