GLC_Vector2df Member List

This is the complete list of members for GLC_Vector2df, including all inherited members.
GLC_Vector2d classGLC_Vector2df [friend]
GLC_Vector2df()GLC_Vector2df [inline]
GLC_Vector2df(const float &dX, const float &dY)GLC_Vector2df [inline]
GLC_Vector2df(const GLC_Vector2df &Vect)GLC_Vector2df [inline]
isNull(void) const GLC_Vector2df [inline]
return_dVect(void) const GLC_Vector2df [inline]
setVect(const float &dX, const float &dY)GLC_Vector2df [inline]
setVect(const GLC_Vector2df &Vect)GLC_Vector2df [inline]
setX(const float &dX)GLC_Vector2df [inline]
setY(const float &dY)GLC_Vector2df [inline]
vectorGLC_Vector2df [private]
X(void) const GLC_Vector2df [inline]
Y(void) const GLC_Vector2df [inline] Logo

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